“A Perfect Little Preschool!”

You’ve probably driven by Morning Glory Preschool a hundred times and never knew it was there. It’s nestled up the street off the corner of Lincoln and Washington. For the past year our boys have had such a great time attending Morning Glory. It’s such a welcoming environment and our boys loved it. The school is relatively small but Sonia and the teachers make use of every inch of it and provide the children with everything they need to succeed. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and truly care about all of the kids. We will be so sad to see them leave Morning Glory but are tremendously grateful to Sonia and her team for everything they did to prepare our boys for kindergarten. :)

— Terri Allegretto

I remember the times when I began looking for preschools. I found out that you have to go through lengthy interviews and tours. I have done so when my son was just a year old and was confident that I have enough time to get him in by getting on waiting lists at various schools. Little did I know. As a working mother the time is precious. As the time was approaching and I have not heard anything for a year from my waiting list, I began panicking. I have googled quite a few schools again and diligently read up the reviews and scheduled a few tours.

One day I just decided to drive around the area and it was by a sheer accident that I saw the sign “Morning Glory” preschool. So, I stopped by and met with an owner Sonia Lesko. Nowadays you rarely meet the person with the big and open heart, who possesses a vast understanding, passion and knowledge about her field. Well, Sonia turned out to be that person. I felt comfortable and confident immediately about this place. Her preschool became the extension of my family.

My son has attended Morning Glory since the age of 2.5. He is now 3.5 year old. As with any little one, the first years of their life- getting sick is part of immune system build up. My son had more than a fair share of sick days and had to miss school quite a bit. I can not describe how much support Sonia and her staff provided while dealing with my sons flues, colds and rashes, aches and pains. Always accommodating, always kind, always patient and always professional yet warm.

The curriculum is great with the variety of activities including music and yoga classes for the juniors. But foremost the amazing, friendly and nurturing atmosphere, which I believe is the foundation of a healthy child, that is Morning Glory’s spirit. I am very fortunate to be a part of this Family.

I toured most of the preschools in Venice and Marina del Rey but stopped as soon as I found Morning Glory.  Right away, I liked the small schoolhouse vibe, the size of the preschool, the décor, the live fish and turtle, and the partially-covered outdoor play area—not to mention, the tuition is the most affordable in town.  Sonia’s warmth and passion were evident immediately, and I liked the fact that her son had attended Morning Glory before she had taken it over.  I was even willing to wait until my son was three and a half to start him but was lucky to have been able to start him at age two and a half.  Once he was enrolled, I started to realize how many more things I loved about Morning Glory.  

I am a stay-at-home mom, and my son is my first child, so he has been very spoiled by my attention.  In addition, he tends to have high anxiety, especially when he’s out of his element; I knew leaving him there initially would be a challenge.  He adapted so much more quickly than I expected, though.  I could hardly believe it.  The teachers are truly wonderful.  I thought preschool was a place basically for playing and eating, but my son has learned so much more than I bargained for.  He loves his teachers, and even the teachers for the older group.  It’s obvious he feels safe there, and they truly nourish his passions (his being art and music) while encouraging him to try new things.  The progress he has made socially is remarkable.  

When I think of Sonia and her teachers, it’s their constant smiles and timeless patience, which are inspirational to me, that first come to mind.  And yet they teach the children the importance of structure and are able to enforce the rules with a lot of love—something every parent can appreciate.  They don’t normally require any fundraising, and I was pleasantly surprised by the community feeling that exists among the parents and families of the students.  Morning Glory has exceeded my expectations in every way.  If you choose this school, I will not be surprised if the same is true for you.

— Leah Masterson

We have been with MG for 3 years now, our older daughter loved and had the best experience there. Now our younger daughter is in the junior class at MG, and loving it! MG is so different from other preschools (believe me we looked at many) this school really takes on the individual needs of the child, and they really care about the extended family needs also. The teachers are kind, fun, caring, compassionate and so giving of themselves. Also the school is very diverse which is so important for our family, as we want our children to be exposed to all ethicities and cultures.
We love our MG and are so proud to be apart of this amazing school.

— Cully Flores family

Our daughter has been attending Morning Glory for 4 months now, and we absolutely love it. We spent a lot of time looking for preschools and believe me when I say that no other school compares to Morning Glory. Since starting with Morning Glory we have seen a significant improvement in our daughters communication skills and social skills. The teachers are amazing. They are compassionate, caring and fun. The teachers have helped our daughter grow and learn in a fun loving environment. They are there for the children, and you can see they love what they do. We look forward to sending our daughter to school every day, and she looks forward to seeing her teachers and friends. We love Morning Glory and feel very fortunate to be part of a great preschool. We highly recommend Morning Glory to anyone who is looking for a dedicated staff in a small caring environment.

— Daniela Salazar

Love, love, love this wonderful school! Our 3 yr. old son joined Morning Glory when he was 2 1/2. He was not too excited about the prospect of ending his staying at home with his wonderful mother :), but quickly became excited about his new school. We’d been on six tours, almost all in Santa Monica, but it wasn’t until we came to MG that my husband and I gave each other that look. You know, the look of “this is the one…….I’ll jump through hoops to get him in this one!”. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to jump through anything. This school is a real gem. It is unpretentious but more than we, as parents who completely adore our little boy, could have wished for. My husband is Scandinavian (organized, sensible, highly-intelligent :), fun, very considerate, open-minded…..no, there are no negatives!), and I am born and raised in Santa Monica but lived a few years in Maui and a few in Denmark. I am a UC Berkeley grad and now a teacher. Acquiring a useful education has always been an important part of my life. Experiencing different cultures, expanding ones imagination, and developing a true love of life are all part of a useful education. My hubby and I try to raise our son in that vein, and are overjoyed to have him spending his weekdays at Morning Glory. The teachers are wonderful, loving, patient, and excellent at working with young children. I learn so much from watching them work with the students. Sonia, the director, is magnificent as well. She is there every day and always makes herself available to talk with parents. She never rushes you, she shares all kinds of great techniques she has learned over her many years in the education field and she treats the children with respect and as individuals. This is probably why she does not stick rigidly to one educational philosophy or method (Reggio, Montessori, Waldorf etc.), like some of the other schools we toured. Sonia is very knowledgeable about the different methods and uses those that best fit the individual child. The parents all speak so highly of everyone at Morning Glory. Whenever there is an event connected with the school almost every family attends. I have plenty more to say, but this is getting a little long! Highly recommend!

— Liz Joensen

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