At Morning Glory we believe that children learn best through play, free exploration and hands on activities. In order to prepare children for kindergarten we have chosen a curriculum that is fun, engaging, and fitted for each individual learning style.

Language Arts and Writing

Alphafriends presents the alphabet through 26 delightful characters that with songs and motions introduce children to phonemic awareness and phonics. Each week we will present a new letter/sound and each morning during the opening circle time we will listen to the song and work on that letter sound and movement for the entire week.
(both junior and senior groups)
More information on Alphafriends is available here.

Handwriting Without Tears helps children develop their writing skills through multisensory play. Activities with the Wood Pieces Set (Mat Man), Capital Letter Cards, Mat, Roll-A-Dough Letter, Stamp and See Screen, CDs, and Slate Chalkboard, use all of the senses to teach directionality, vocabulary and imitation (Word Time with Squawker the parrot puppet), positioning, and sequencing skills. Children move, touch, feel, and manipulate real objects as they learn the habits and skills essential for writing. Other multisensory lessons use voices, letter stories, door tracing, imaginary writing, and mystery letters to teach letter formation and placement on lines.
(senior group only)
More information on Handwriting Without Tears is available here.

The Teacher-guided Drawing Program is a creative method to drawing inspired by the work of Mona Brookes as explained and illustrated in her book Drawing With Children. Twice a month we will have a session where the children will draw a subject following step-by-step instructions.
(senior group only)
More information on the Teacher-guided Drawing Program is available here.

Special Programs, Classes and Workshops

  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Woodworking Sessions with Craftswoman Sylvia Schorn!
  • Art with Stefanie

*Included in the monthly tuition

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